CANGES S.L. brings together a wide variety of services aimed at providing a comprehensive solution to our clients.

We have positioned ourselves as the preferred service partner for large Spanish and international companies because of the know-how we have gained in both providing and managing services, and because of our strong, multidisciplinary management team and highly qualified staff. With operations in Germany and Spain, we are in continuous international expansion.

In both the private and the public sector, our management models optimize quality, flexibility and costs, and capitalize on the synergies of the globally integrated management of several services for a single client.

In a highly competitive environment, outsourcing of services allows companies to focus their efforts on pursuing their core business and frees them from managing non-core business activities. CANGES’ great flexibility means that we can offer clients a single business model involving the contracting of a single service all the way to complete management of all your non-core business activities and facility management. Clients receive advisory and service that is constantly adapted to their needs, in a way that optimizes resources and costs