Preparation of documents for processing, while preventing deterioration of originals (cleanliness, staple loss, etc.) and unifying sizes and formats.

Digitalization: We work exclusively with Kodak, which is our greatest assurance of swiftness, effectiveness and quality for any project of document digitalization and processing.

We are equipped with:

Filters and image processing: We use Kodak capture to enhance the quality of the image in real time image capture (hardware) and in deferred processes (software).

Data recording: Data recording is either manual or automated (barcodes, bidi, etc.) depending on the document’s characteristics

Output formats: Our own software allows us to personalize the output formats in accordance with the client’s needs.

Electronic expurgation: Information that is no longer relevant can be removed from online storage after a certain time, and thereby reduce costs.


These services include the following:

Removal of documents from client premises.

Inventory of the same at different levels (container, AZ, Document, etc), that allows for unique identification of the document entity.

Transfer from non-standard or damaged containers to new containers

Retrieval from stored documentation by either normal or urgent priority. We send it to you in either electronic format or in hard copy


Periodic destruction

Canges can provide you with security containers and strategically place them at different sites on your premises. Canges personnel will recover the documents with the necessary frequency and destroy them on our own premises. The entire process is validated by a certificate of destruction that is delivered to you when the destruction is complete.

One-off destruction and file cleanups

We can remove from your premises all material – such as files, archives, computer materials, leftover paper or confidential documents – that you do not wish to store. Canges can destroy it at an agreed time and furnish you with the relevant certificate. We have a service of filmed destruction so that the client can verify the quality and effectiveness of our destruction work.

Destrucción de soportes de no papel

Microfilms and microfiches, audio and video tapes, CDs, DVDs, negatives and photos, clothing and uniforms, X-rays, credit cards, IDs and security passes, textiles and footwear, hard drives and WEEE.